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Friday, June 3, 2011

SDCC letter of the day J for Jealousy

You know it’s going to happen. You think you are too mature to get caught up in it but there you are. You missed out on something and you heard how great it was.  Now you are frustrated, covetous, envious, spiteful, and desirous.
A rose by any other name…you are jealous and that’s a negative emotion and will sap your strength and leave you distracted and you’ll likely miss out on something else or not enjoy some panel or encounter as much as you would have otherwise.
Take a deep breath and clear the mind and move on.
It is so much easier said than done.  I’m my own worst patient.  I get caught up in the ‘now’ and my emotions and can’t shake it off. it prevents from figuring out what my next step is. It happens all of the time.
True story – I’m in a line for the G4 cast signing. I’m one of the lucky ones that got a winning ticket.  The cast was interacting with the fans like they are all partying in Olivia’s house. I might be 100 people back in line.  I have another signing I need to be at in 90 minutes. 90 minutes have come and gone and I’m 20 people from the front.  I have to leave the G4 line.  The other signing was more important. (I think it was the cast of Resident Evil).  As time was ticking away and the Kevin and Olivia were passing someone’s baby back and forth entertaining the crowd, I was extremely frustrated. I realized I wasn’t going to get this set of autographs and my emotions were taking over.  I started fidgeting.  I was constantly checking the time hoping someone would notice and have the cast speed up. I wasted a lot of time being mad and jealous of the people that were in front of me.  I finally took my breath and left the line.  I was so close but I was also late for the other event. Luckily the other signing was a good 5 minute walk so by the time I arrived I was more composed and less frustrated.
Don’t let that be you. Don’t be the person with the Sherpa next to him carrying your emotional baggage.  Dump it somewhere.  Take a break and eat and drink some water.  Go and get some fresh air (it’s shocking how little time we spend outside in beautiful San Diego.). Look out over the waters of the marina behind the convention center.
This goes back to you can’t do everything you want to do at SDCC.  If your bump into Tom Cruise you miss out on Jessica Alba. If you get Stan Lee to sign your Spiderman you miss out on Seth Green and Robot Chicken. 
It happens.
As hard as it is to do don’t get caught up in the negative emotions.


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