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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stan Lee Dallas ComicCon 2011

I was excited to get a second chance at Stan Lee. I mean get an autograph of Stan Lee – not get him.
Last year at San Diego ComicCon a friend helped me get his autograph.  Stan had several free singings around the convention and I was striking out. She and her hubby won a ticket from the Marvel booth to get a signature.  She gave me her ticket.  Wow.  Think about that.  She gave me her ticket for a free Stan Lee autograph and her hubby wasn’t even mad.
I took the ticket and had him sign the book How to Draw the Marvel Way.   This signing was a big production at the Marvel Booth. They had built Odin’s Throne and Stan sat and posed for photos.  A couple of Marvel exec stalked briefly before letting Stan loose on the crowd of fans.
When it was my turn Stan shook my hand and looked at my book. He asked what I did for a living and I gave him the boring answer. I’m assuming he knew I wasn’t an artist as the book wasn’t dog-eared and ink spotted.
A few week back Stan Lee came to Dallas ComicCon. I was excited and really didn’t know what I would get signed. The convention created a reprint of an old Spiderman issue which would have been cool but it wasn’t me. I did see this photo and got it.
The line was long but fast. In some ways to fast as you could tell Stan wanted some interaction with the people but wasn’t getting it. It was my turn and I handed over my photo. He paused.  He told me he hadn’t seen that one yet today; amazing considering he signed hundreds of photos already. He pondered trying to remember where it was taken and he light up and said – that was at Universal!
Both experiences were short and harried because of his Rock Star status but both very memorable.

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