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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SDCC letter of the day I for Ignore

Ignore the naysayers out there telling you that San Diego ComicCon is too commercial or too Hollywood.
Yes, SDCC had changed in the 6 years I’ve attended and the people that’s have been going much longer than me have seen even more incredible change.
As you talk with people, ask them how long they have been coming.  You’ll find out there are a lot of people that keep coming back.  If is it so ruined then they wouldn’t come back.
Is it bigger? Yes.  
It is more commercial?  Yes.
It is more Hollywood?  Yes
It’s also appealing to a larger base and exposing itself to more people than ever before.
Is Vegas ruined because it’s bigger? Is Disneyworld?  No.
It is different.  People don’t resist change, they resist being changed and SDCC had caused people to behave differently.
The size had created a need for people to plan ahead. The size has created frustration regarding tickets and hotel rooms.  More and more people need to save up for the show and stay on a budget.  The wealth of panels and movie previews has caused people to research which panels are most important to attend instead of just wandering blindly.
I really laugh at the people that hold signs or bemoan how Twilight ruined ComicCon or Michael Bay ruined their childhood. They aren’t getting it.  They have too narrow a view of SDCC. They are limiting themselves.
SDCC is more than just a show or a place for people to get their geek on and hang with other geeks.  It’s an institution and a trend setter. SDCC is the battle ground for new movies and TV shows. It’s a place for gaming and comics to soar or crash. It’s a place for the creators to meet the public and actually talk to them and hopefully listen.  This interaction goes back to Stan Lee in the early days and George Lucas premiering Star Wars.
SDCC allows all of those people, whether geek, or lamenter, or cosplayer, or creator, or collector, or just the fanboy/girl to meet and interact and experience the show in their own way..
So ignore the negative and enjoy the experience. Take fresh eyes and experience and the chaos and the order, the insanity and the joy and go to this icon.

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