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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SDCC letter of the day H for Handwipes

For the last generation or so, handwipes have been mother’s little helpers.
SDCC admits to convention crud. It’s not exclusive to them. Any convention is a great opportunity to get a cold from a stranger.  And since SDCC has 30,000 people a day from all over the world, that germ or virus is just looking for you.
Think about where your hands are all day.  You are using handrails on the stairwells or escalators. You might be holding open the door for someone or sitting at a table that has been used by dozens of people since its last been cleaned.  You’ve greeted people and shook hands or fist bumped or hugged. You are picking up swag or up some rare comic that a hundred other people have picked up.
So I use handwipes and germ-x lotion all of the time. I tear open the small packet before I eat to clean my hands. I might wipe down the table where I’m sitting. While you might think me Mr. Monk, I’m just trying not to get sick while at ComicCon.
Think how devastating that would be. You picked up a bug Thursday night. You feel bad Friday but you muddle through. Saturday you are feverish and aspirin isn’t helping. You end up missing half a day of the show and spend it in bed. You don’t want that to happen.

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