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Monday, May 30, 2011

SDCC letter of the day G for Gum

Gum, that’s right I said gum. Go ahead and laugh I don’t mind. I’m used to being laughed at.
I said gum and I’m sticking to it.  (Pun was intended.)
I chew a lot of gum in general and it’s a habit I keep at ComicCon.
First, it’s a good way to help clean the teeth while you’re away from your toothbrush.
Two, it helps keep the breath fresh. No one like bad breathe and while fanboy/girl might be really cute, if you are standing 5 feet away to talk to them, something is wrong.  Gum won’t cure extreme bad breathe but it helps keep the mouth moist and that saliva is keeping the bad breathe at bay for a while.
Third, offering a stick of gum while waiting in line is a great way of saying hello. It’s a nice inoffensive ice breaker. You can gauge a little about the person if they accept or decline. Usually a few sentences are exchanged and then you can decide if you want to further the conversation.
I often offer some gum up to the people I’m asking questions to. That means my pack of gum is a prop. I have it in my hand as I approach the security guy or the person in charge of the autographs or whomever. I walk over with a wrapped piece and BEFORE I unwrap it I ask if they would like some.  Then I go ahead and ask my question. They tend to remember you in a good way.   Now, you are your way to a nodding acquaintanceship.
We all need more nodding acquaintanceships in our lives.

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