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Monday, May 30, 2011

Farrah Forke ComicPoolza 2011

I was wandering around the convention floor looking for Farrah Forke. She was the red-headed helicopter pilot on Wings. 
A secret about me – I love red-heads. I love blondes and brunettes too but I always do a double take for re-heads.  And before you think you can get me into trouble with the wife, the wife already knows.
So I was wandering and wandering.  Farrah Forke was at a booth and not with the other guests and that was why I was having a hard time finding her.
After working up a good sweat I saw her. She was sitting and I just walked up.
I held out my hand as I told her I was looking for her everywhere.  What a non sequitur to start with. She was visibly nonplussed.  She looked at me hard as she tried to figure out how she knew me and why she didn’t know my name.
Now, I’m not mean, I realized I was excited because I finally found her, so I tried to slow myself down and let her catch up.  I said I’ve spent the last 30 minutes looking for her.  She smiled.  I said I was here for an autograph and that seemed to help her realize I was a fan. I wasn’t someone trying to tow her car or someone telling her she needed to be at another booth. I was just another nutty fan that had too much caffeine.
Then I admitted to Farrah about my huge crush on her. And yes, before you go running to the wife, my wife knows. Really. Trust me; do you ever think a wife doesn’t know?
Farrah was so happy about my crush she came around the table and hugged me.  I apologized for being sweaty and she hugged me tighter.
Now I had to slow my breathing again. This was way too much excitement for me.
We talked. We swapped details about each other. I found out about the twins and she found out about my wife’s 4 cats. She heard about my new job and I heard about her move to Texas.  We talked finances and property values and making ends meet. She told me about her first convention a few months back and how she ended up at this one.  I know about her boyfriend and she knows about my wife.  We people watched together and asked me to sit with her awhile.
Then we sat and talked some more.
Farrah was very open and down to earth. She was so down to earth I felt guilty about hanging out with her.  Conventions are working time for celebs.   I realize that and respect that.  I never want to prevent others from getting an autograph or taking a photo.  You’ll often see me turning around looking for fellow fans as I’m talking a celeb.  Besides not wanting to trip over a fan I want to make sure I don’t monopolize the guest.
She has a talent I very much envy. She remembers names.  I mentioned my name when we shook hands and she remembered it 30 minutes later when she signed my photo.
She also has a talent of making everyone feel like old friends. Everyone that came to her table was treated like someone she knew previously.  And she remembered all of their names as she introduced people around.
I’m always amazed when people do this.  It’s a powerful talent and very charismatic and disarming. How can you not like someone that can makes you feel like an old friend and remembers your name?
After the wife texted me (I’m sure she was worried that I had run off with Farrah), I gave up my seat and told Farrah I needed to collect the wife. We parted with another hug heartfelt and yes, I was still slightly sweaty.
The wife and I did some other things and before we left for the day I stopped back to say hello/goodbye.  Farrah charmed the wife and told us to friend her on Facebook. I told her I’d blog about her.  I thanked her for letting me have so much time with her and she said it was her pleasure.

After hugs all around, we left for the day.