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Sunday, May 29, 2011

SDCC letter of the day F for Friends

ComicCon is better with friends.
As you split up to do different things during the day, you might stumble across something that will interest your friend that they didn’t know about. Now you’re a hero by letting them know about it.
Your friends are there to encourage you to approach that artist or celeb you’ve always wanted to talk with. They are there to remind you not to make a fool out of yourself. They will tell you how bad/good you look the spandex.
And what is better than sitting down at the end of the day to retell your adventures and share photos?
I have found bringing new friends allow me to see things through their eyes. I must admit, though I often abandon them in my own excitement of attending ComicCon.  So keep that in mind as your newbie friends are attending the show; they are looking for some guidance.
ComicCon is a great place to meet people. Even if you don’t make friends, you‘ll met people you’ll talk to and recognize next time. You might even become Facebook friends and keep in touch all year long.


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