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Monday, June 6, 2011

SDCC letter of the day N for Nerds

Nerds!  Orge from Revenge of the Nerds.
SDCC is a nerd heaven; it’s the place for one and all to get their geek on; young and old feel embolden to wear spandex whether it looks good or not.
It’s like Christmas for the geeks – it comes but once a year and filled with gifts and surprises.
And since SDCC is so pop culture - it’s moving geek-dom more and more into the mainstream and making it almost cool to be a nerd.

You’ll be surprised by the response you’ll get when you mention ComicCon to non-nerds.  First they size you up. They wonder if they should admit to know about this marvelous event. Then they bend toward you and quietly ask if you’ve been. Then they beg you for stories.

Where only hardcore fans would cosplay, now it’s a sizeable amount of the crowd. People are planning their costumes month in advance.  They are creating multiple costumes so they can wear something different every day.
SDCC is safe haven for the splinter cultures to gather without too much ridicule and San Diego embraces them.  You never know who or what you’ll see during the 5 days of SDCC riding on the bus, trolley, or crossing the street.
But nerds aren’t all cosplay. They are consumers of TV and movies, of books and graphic novels, of collectibles and bobbles. They come in droves and digest the weekend and go back home and spread the news and swag. They are making or breaking the hot shows or movies.
If you haven’t realized the power of the Nerd, you need to experience ComicCon. You will be amazed.


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