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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sherrilyn Kenyon B&N Frisco

I missed my first chance of getting Sherrilyn Kenyon’s autograph a few years back at ComicCon.  I don’t quite remember if Mysterious Galaxy was holding the signing or she was doing it herself or the publisher had arranged it.
I do remember getting a free copy of her book and being told to come back at a certain time and she would sign it.  As happens at ComicCon, something else came up and I missed the opportunity.
The next year, she was back but no free books were given out and the line was hundreds of people deep. I didn’t have the time to wait, which is also the norm at ComicCon.
When I found out she was coming to my home town for a signing I was very excited.  I knew she was doing a lecture or reading so I planned on arriving late (sorry Sherrilyn – nothing personal).
 It was obvious while I was standing in line she has a loyal following of readers.  People brought bags of books for her to sign. A few fan even dressed up.
I didn’t really belong. I haven’t read her books (again Sherrilyn – sorry) and her fans were mostly women. Surprisingly they were not young teens but adults; a sign that there is some depth to the characters and plot.
The line went fast and when I got up there I asked if she was going to be at ComicCon this year.  She asked if I was attending also and when I told her I hoped to and she gave me a high five.

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