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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

#SDCC letter of the day P for Poster tube

I see so many people walking around all day trying to hold posters rolled up on their hands or rolled up on their bag. It’s a shame.
Spent the $5 or $6 dollars and buy a poster tube.  The items you pick up will last longer.
In fact buy 2 tubes; one for walking around and the other one for your hotel room.  At the end of the day, transfer everything from the walking around tube to the other.  Then the next day you take the empty tube back the show.  This way if you lose your tube you haven’t lost everything.
Over the course of the convention I end up collection 5 to 10 singed posters or min-posters.  I would hate to lose all of that because I sat down and forget to pick it up again.
Fox Studios was giving away some very nice frees ones a few years ago. They were colorful and they had metal caps with a nice shoulder strap. You still see people using them.
One vendor toward the center of the floor and near the studio booths sells plastic ones with shoulder straps.
And if you head to the end of the floor and go to the movie poster vendor, he’ll sell you some nice cardboard one.
I usually make this the first thing I do on Preview night.  I recommend you do too. It's a small price to keep some values in good shape.

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