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Friday, June 10, 2011

#SDCC letter of the day R for Resist

Resist the urge to hit on every booth babe you see. Really, they have heard your line before and they are actually getting paid to be there.  They have seen you coming and they know that look and they are ready to repel you…in a way that makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.
The booth babes are there to draw your eyes to them. They literally litter the convention floor.  Once you see them, you’ll see the booth they work at even if it’s only peripherally.  At that point they can say mission accomplished.
Instead of thinking of them as some amazingly attractive girl in a skimpy and revealing costume smiling at you in a very provocative pose, think of them as actors instead of models.  Under all circumstances the show must go on…they are there to look interested in your nerdy bon mot. They will laugh appreciatory even though they didn’t understand a word you spoke in Klingon. They will pose for you and thank you with amazing eye contact and hand you whatever swag or propaganda they have in the friendliest way.
If your heart rate didn’t increase then they failed. They didn’t play the part just right.
The booth babe is an age old tradition. Because of the sea of people and products and general commotion, the booths need something help them stand out.  Even as you walk away from the corporate area, you will still find booth babes.
So now you know you won’t be dating a booth babe. What can you get out of this relationship?  Besides some awesome photos, you can get your swag. And being polite and friendly (not in a flirting way) can help make your life easier.

They will notice you. I now they recognize me quickly because of my height, glasses, and charming good looks. (Sarcasm people.)   I use that to help make a connection. Because they have something I want besides their phone number -  their swag.  So I always give them a warm smile and a 'thank you' when I get my swag. I’ll actually ask them how the day is going and if they have attended SDCC before.  So when I finally ask for something extra (like the 5 flashing LED pens for my team mates back in the office), I’m not just another in the long line of guys hitting on them. The odds have increased of actually getting them and not having to go through a long line 5 more times.

Not all booth babes are for the fanboys

And this is true with all relationships. You need to show interest in the other person no just yourself.
Just in case you don't believe me about booth babes check out G4TV's documentary on these ladies called Confessions of a Booth Babe  or Gizmodo's link.


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