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Saturday, July 2, 2011

#SDCC Cheat Nu

These aren’t really cheats as anyone can do them and you won’t get in trouble.
Bring your camera.
This is another one that bears repeating.
The cosplayers really do want you to ask. They dressed up to be seen and to be immortalized by your photo.
They are actually bummed if no one asks. And they are depressed if they can’t find themselves posted on dozens of website after the weekend is over.
Many of these people have multiple costumes and spends months (I dare say all year) getting ready for ComicCon. This is their High School Prom, Oscars Red Carpet, and Royal Wedding all rolled up into one.
Stop them, ask politely for a photo.  Thank them.  Maybe even ask them something about the costume.  They will be happy to tell you. Besides some great photos, you’ll also have some stories to tell.  Maybe even make some friends.
Strike a pose,

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