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Sunday, July 3, 2011

#SDCC Cheat Pi

These aren’t really cheats as anyone can do them and you won’t get in trouble.
Remember your please and thank you’s.
I’m always surprised how often the swag is taken (almost ripped) out of the hands of the booth babe and then given a cursory look and then the convention-goer just walks off.  Believe me, if you want to get in good with a booth babe that is not the way to get her attention.
Are you getting an artist to create a sketch for you? Having an author sign your book?  You need to remember the little things that mom and dad taught you.
It’s easier to catch flies with honey than vinegar.
Be nice.
Be friendly.
Make eye contact.
And thank them.
A few years ago, Paramount was giving our scratch off cards. You needed to collect a complete set to be able to get a Star Fleet Messenger bag.  They had teams of booth babes walking the convention floor handing out the cards. Some guys whistled and leered. They got one card. Some guys were polite and they got a couple of cards. Some guys talked to them and felt for them because they were walking all over the convention center in high heels. Those guys got hand full of cards. And every time those girls met these guys, they got another handful of cards.
It’s the little things that pay off and how little is please and thank you?

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