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Monday, July 4, 2011

#SDCC Cheat Rho

These aren’t really cheats as anyone can do them and you won’t get in trouble.
Feed your body not your belly.
You’ve been walking all day. You’ve been up since 6AM. You went to bed late last night. Your adrenaline has been coursing through your blood for the last week.  You’ve skipped breakfast or replaced it with coffee or poptarts or both.
Now you’re hungry, that pretzel with cheese dipping sauce or the big chocolate chip cookie looks really good right now. It knows your name and calls you from across the floor. While resistance seems futile you need to make a better choice.
Those are empty calories and do nothing but feed the belly.  Your body needs more than those calories. 
Pause and think for a moment.  Have a headache?   Maybe you feel a little light headed if you got up too quick?
Drink more water, take your vitamins, and get some protein.
Instead of Red Bull or other energy drinks (full of B12) try a real meal.  If you don’t want to step away from the convention then bring some food with you.
I mentioned I bring protein bars. They are small and fit easily in my backpack. I can eat while walking from one end of the floor to the other or while I’m in a panel. I also drink a full bottle of water after I eat.
The belly just wants something in it. It’s stupid. It only knows whether it’s full or empty.  Feed the body and you can go all weekend short on sleep and running at full speed.
Bon Appetite,

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