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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

#SDCC Post Con Activities

It’s been a month since SDCC ended.
You’re not sitting on the couch are you?  You’re not eating cheeze balls from your gallon size plastic canister while you wait for all of the cool movies and TV shows you saw there to come out are you? 
Did you really unpack or did you just pull out the stuff you needed for work the next day?
Unpack the stuff you got from SDCC.  Those clothes really do need washing.  You need to do that now. 
It’s triage time.
Swag – very time sensitive.  In fact, you are behind the curve if you plan to sell stuff on eBay.  The buyers were spending money while SDCC was occurring.  The serious sellers were getting stuff on eBay and setting BINs (Buy It Now) before you got into line.
It’s not too late to sell your stuff but the desperate fanboys/girls have gotten their fix filled. You are now selling to the bargain hunters and other SDCC attendees looking to pick up something they missed. They know what the quality is like and how rare something really was.
One thing you might try is waiting until next year’s SDCC and then put it on eBay. At least then you’ll have more buyers looking at it.
The rest of the swag, give to your friends and coworkers. Make then jealous of your trip.  Now it’s up to them to trash it.
Let’s get to that pile of the flyers and other promo material I told you not to pick up.  It did take up room in your suitcase, didn’t it? And it’s pretty heavy collectively.  Now it time to sit down in front of the computer and check out the websites and offers.  Was any of it all that important to bring home? Now put it to good use and recycle it.
Did you network at SDCC? Good for you.  Collect business cards?  Now go through them. Add the names to your contact list in Outlook or your iPhone.  Add them to LinkedIn (that’s Facebook for the workforce). Follow them on twitter. 
If you were serious about networking, you need to send them an email or a paper letter NOW! This is also time sensitive. Recap your encounter in a few sentences and then explain what you want: Internship, interview, review of work, etc. be polite and semi-formal.  Actually, you should have done that Monday or Tuesday after SDCC.   Come up with a decent excuse like your email crashed or you’ve been traveling and had spotty connectivity. Good luck.              
How was the budget?  Did you over spend?  Want to increase your spending next year?  Regardless, you should start saving now. Start a separate savings account for ComicCon and set it up for auto deposit. Think about how a small weekly deposit can add up over the next 11 months.
How was your stress level leading up to SDCC? 
The next SDCC post should help with that.  We'll discuss RACI – Risks, Assumptions, Constraints, and Issues.


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  1. Man you really have this down to a science! Great write up, esp about selling the exclusives.