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Friday, August 26, 2011

WorldCon San Antonio 2013

Yes, that’s the correct date: 2013.
In 2 years, The World Science Fiction Convention (AKA WorldCon) will be back in San Antonio. This will be in my backyard as its only 300 miles away.
Unlike a lot of conventions or even a lot of events that call themselves ‘World’, WorldCon is a traveling act.  Just like the Olympics, the host city changes every time. Each year, there are cities bidding to be the host city for the convention.  The bidders are usually a small group of hard core fans that run a local convention and feel the need to try their hand at the big time.
WorldCon has been running for the past 69 years. It recently been in Reno;  Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada; Denver; Yokohama, Japan.  It truly is a world event.
This is a literary convention and the guests will be authors. No media stars, no movie previews, and no Hollywood press trying to get backstage access. It will have a wealth of local/regional authors and enough national and international authors to be a geek’s dream come true.
It’s run by the fans and it’s a large convention for its type, although it’s small compared to media conventions. The most recent convention in Reno boasted 4000 attends. Over the years the crowds have been smaller and larger. Regardless of size the convention is a treat for the reader.
A WorldCon can be broken down into 5 parts.
The first is the panels. The panels are fun and usually mentally stimulating.  The topics are science or fiction related and sometimes both. Often the panels will includes scientists or medical doctors that will add facts or concepts that show the books that are being written aren’t as out there as the general public thinks.
The autograph session s are very personable. Everyone gets a chance to say ‘hi’ and exchange a few sentences. If you miss an autograph session, you can usually catch an author at the end of their panel and chit chat and they will often sign a few books.
There is a long tradition of holding a Masquerade contest.  The size and entertainment value varies year to year but usually 50 people or so will enter. Cosplay started with WorldCon although other shows and conventions have taken dressing up to higher levels.
The Hugo’s are awarded at WorldCon. That’s the Oscars for SciFi. It’s entertaining and you get to see what your fellow fans have considered the best of the genre. As an attendee to the convention you get to vote for the Hugo’s which makes it more interesting that the Oscars as you have a say in what is being awarded.
The last part is the room parties. The big parties are usually the bid city shindigs. They will rent a suite at the hotel serve soda and beer and some light snacks.  They are trying to seduce you to vote for them to host an upcoming WorldCon.  Other room parties are smaller and usually theme parties (Dr Who, Star Trek, Austin Powers, etc) and you hang out for a while talking to fellow fans.
So this is your notice – in 2 years we meet in San Antonio.


  1. If I wasn't already planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands that year, I'd be signed up already. Sorry to miss the con and another opportunity to say Hi to you in person, AH! I love WorldCons!!


  2. Enjoy the Galapagos. Wow, enjoy the flight...although as in shape as you are you could swim...