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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jenny McCarthy B&N 10/2010

A few months back (alright just about a year ago) Jenny McCarthy was in town signing her book: Lust, Love & Faking it.
I like Jenny McCarthy. Besides being my type (beautiful) she is funny and likes to laugh and is willing to be laughed at because she knows we all get laughed at some times.  She freely admits her humor is more adolescent than intelligentsia and I like that in her too.
Jenny McCarthy is famous from posing in Playboy.  Jenny also has an autistic child.  She has become an advocate of some theories about the causes and amelioration of autism. 
When I found out she was coming to town I was very excited.
Jenny graciously agreed to sign any memorabilia that people brought to the Barnes & Nobles she was appearing at.  The only stipulation was it couldn’t show nudity. Nude photos bad – cover of Playboy good (the nudity is on the INSIDE). This made for a slow line but it made for prime people watching time.
The majority of the crowd fell into 2 groups:
Men that have slobbered over her Playboy since 1994
Women that were soccer moms and had an autistic kid
The men were nervous and mostly worried about getting their photos signed. While a lot of them looked like the typical stalker wannabe, they were nice and polite.  They were determined to meet Jenny and try to make a good impression.
Jenny McCarthy had been through all of this for decades. She is poised. She laughed and she was at ease. As one man was getting a shot of her, she realized he was focusing on her cleavage. She leaned over even more to expose as much as possible and told him this was a better shot than most of the paid photographers get.  While the B&N people were scandalized, Jenny laughed and asked him if the photo was satisfactory.
The soccer moms were slightly put off by this.  To be truthful they were not the typical soccer moms. My idea of a soccer mom is very blue collar. They drive a minivan or SUV and take the kids to all of the extra-curricular activities that the young ones are involved in nowadays. 
The soccer moms attending this event were driving BMW or Lexus or Mercedes SUVs. They wore high dollar purses and designer jeans and stilettos. They openly talked about having to get a massage before showing up to the event as they were just too excited.  They traded names of manicurists, yoga instructors, stylists, and therapists.
And I wondered when they had time to spend with their autistic children. Tacky thought, huh? That’s what they ladies made me think.
The ‘soccer moms’ gushed as they talked to Jenny. Jenny was polite and listened and interacted. I’m sure she had heard of this before too.
My turn was anticlimactic.  I just told her how much I enjoyed her sense of humor. She smiled back and said thanks. I got my book signed and a promotional postcard for her products. I turned and left feeling good about the event.


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