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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anna Kendrick Dallas Angelika 9/15/11

Anna Kendrick was in town to promote a movie.  If you are under 20 year old you know her from the Twilight movies. If you are older than the legal drinking age in most states, you probably know her from the movie Up in The Air.
She was supposed to do a Q&A for the advance screening of the movie 50/50.
You never quite know if the Q&A will be before the movie or after so you end of getting there early just in case and then most times staying late. This night I had the company of 6 other hounds trying to get her signature.
Two of my fellow collectors I know well enough to have a conversation with; two others are nodding acquaintances; and the last two I never saw before.
So as it happens she did not show up before the movie. This provided the chance to get to know some of my fellow collectors better.  We did the normal chit chat about fellow collectors and events and celebs. Boring stuff really but I saw how we were bonding.
As the time elapsed and the end of the movie was getting closer, every car that drove up was inspected to see if it fit the profile of what a movie star would drive in.
As her car finally arrived, the pack descended on her like wolves. We were hungry. We needed our payoff – her signature. We had waited for hours and the time was nigh.  In ambush we waited for her to get out of the car and on the stairs up to the movie theater. Then the first wolf hit her. She was on her cell and she switched hands to gracefully free her signing hand. One graph down. Then the next one caught her before she moved a step. Her handlers paused and scanned us sensing fear.  Another graph down. She made two steps before another caught her and she signed while still talking on the phone. Her people reached out to her to help gather her up away from us. Then two wolves got her at once and she quickly signed for both. She made it up a few more step before another got to her.
I’ll admit I’m slow and not graceful. She passed me on the steps and I was now trying to catch up from behind.  With my pen out I asked if she had time for one more.  I was the last.  I startled her as I came from her blind-side. She smiled faintly and quickly squiggled her ‘graph on my photo. I thanked her and she turned away and was rushed into the theater.
The hunger sated, we paused and licked our chops and compared signatures. We all agreed she was friendly and we were gratefully for getting the photos signed. It all went so fast. Only one of us got a photo.
We gathered our things and left knowing we had a good hunt.



  1. That's why I don't do these kind of auto collecting, I'd be a nervous wreck.

  2. Loved her in Up in the Air. I quote her all the time when I'm working: "I type with purpose!"