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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thomas Jane Dallas ComicCon 5/2011

I have let this one sit and percolated for a while.  With the new season of Hung on HBO, I guess it’s a good time to post this. It seems when Thomas Jane came to town some people had expectations he didn’t meet.
Most of my geek friends think Punisher when they hear his name. I’m not a big fan of the movie but I really do like Hung. That’s another show I’m slightly embarrassed to admit I know about.
Maybe his shirt put off a few people. (Personally I loved the shirt.) Maybe people have unrealistic expectations. Maybe Thomas was having a bad day. It doesn’t really matter.  In the end he was in town and he signed for people.

I really like it when I have options for photos to get signed. Often when I’m trying to get someone at a movie screening, there aren’t a lot of options and what I get signed I really don’t have a connection with. Sci Fi conventions usually offer a nice selection of photos. When that happens, I like to try to get something that I will find appealing and the celeb will find appealing or slightly different. It’s a chance to stand out and a chance to break the ice. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
I think I succeeded with this photo. It’s from Hung and I find it captures one of the subplots of the series. When I got to the front of the line I passed over my photo and Thomas actually paused and ‘I really like that photo.’
At this point I feel great. I got to see someone I wanted. I got his autograph. I got some unexpected interaction.
Yes, the exchange was brief and over within seconds.  There was a long line behind me. I would have loved to have sat down and discuss his career but he had work to do. To be truthful, so did I.  I had more autographs to get and people to see and watch.

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  1. Tom really got raked over the coals for this appearance.

    I've met him 3 times before and twice he was really cool, another he was kind of out of it.

    I think people get to caught up in expectations with celebs, doing that just lets you down.

    Love the photo by the way!