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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sam Trammell ComicPalooza 2011

I ran across this signed photo today and thought I’d write about it.
Sam Trammell was at ComicPalooza 6 months ago.
It was the ONLY reason my wife was willing to drive 4 hours to a convention. While Kae does attend a few conventions with me, it really isn’t her thing. These shows take a major chuck out of the weekend and she much rather relax than walk around a concrete convention center for hours watching me gather autographs of people she doesn’t know.
The exception to this is when someone really cute is present like Sam Trammell. The wife really likes True Blood and it’s a cornucopia of ‘hot’ guys she enjoys watching.
Needless to say, she wanted to attend this show.
We stood in line for 20 minutes or so and Kae was excited. He was pleasant and he chatted and my wife was shy. He gave her a huge smile that I’m sure gave her butterflies. Then he signed the photo.
Nothing extremely interesting or blog worthy.
But the thing that happened was he started the signature and then stopped. The pen failed. He looked befuddled and confused. It looked like he was going to retrace the ‘S’ and continue but he paused. He thought better of that. He started toward another photo – an action I read as he was going to trash this one he started (which I would have preferred) but decided soldier forth with the rest of his signature.
My wife was oblivious to the signature. Although, she could tell you about how sexy the grey in his sideburns looked or how the curls along his collar were begging for her fingers run through them or how he really pulls off that 3 day beard look.

I was slightly disappointed and too passive to ask for another. And to be truthful, I’m not unhappy. He was pleasant. He didn’t rush us. We got to exchange some words and we got eye contact. This happens.
So I throw it back at you. Would you have politely asked for a nicer signature?


  1. Another autograph collector friend of mine goes ape shit about these kind of situations, I've never really cared to be honest but I can see why it would bother some people.

  2. A pen failure happened with Ray Harryhausen, when I met him at the 2003 San Diego Comic-Con.