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Monday, October 17, 2011

Richard LeParmentier Dallas ComicCon 2011

With Dallas Star Wars Fandays ending, I thought about this photo and autograph.
Richard LeParmentier attended the Dallas ComicCon a few months back. Everyone remembers him as the General that Darth Vader strangled by using The Force in the first Star Wars movie in 1977.
I wasn’t going to get this autograph but he was so engaging and outgoing.  He didn’t sit behind his table waiting for people to come up. He was standing in front and starting conversations with passersbys.  He didn’t mind the peeks people gave his name plate. He just started talking.
And just because he was talking to one person didn’t stop him from drawing a few more people around his table and try to entertain them.  He told jokes and showed off his wares and seemed to be really enjoying himself.
The 2 things I remember most - for some fans he would sign the photo and then draw a circle around ‘his office’ and have a large arrow leading to it, which I thought was incredible funny.
He also explained why everyone was so dourer on the Death Star...there were no women posted on the station.  I have to admit to smiling longer than I should have for that one.
So he caught me in his web and I just HAD to get his autograph.

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