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Monday, November 21, 2011

Bill Cosby and Greg Luzinski –care package

So the other day I come home from work and a package is waiting outside the front door.  I gather it in and greedily open it when I see it’s from Mom and Dad.
Yes, I still get care packages from Mom and Dad.  It’s only slightly embarrassing but the fact they send the best stuff takes the sting out it.
I thought I knew what was going to be inside, one of our favorite bookstores (Bookends in New Jersey) had Bill Cosby signing his new book. While I’m hesitant about asking them to stand in line for hours for an autograph that they couldn’t care less about, I didn’t feel very guilty about this one. 
Growing up, as a home, we loved Bill Cosby.  As a family we laughed until we were in tears.  I remember the family gathering around the TV as he would appear on Carson.  My sister and I always watched Fat Albert on Saturday mornings. 
So I knew Mom and Dad wouldn’t mind getting this autograph. It turned out to be an easy event for them.  Apparently Bill showed up early and reduced the standing in line time and they showed up early enough to be near the front of the line. As Mom and Dad got closer to signing table, they could overhear the exchanges between the fans and Bill and they started laughing. Mom mentioned she felt like she was watching a performance. Cosby seemed to make everyone that came up to the table laugh.
It’s always nice to hear that they enjoyed the experience and they also mentioned that Cosby seemed very happy to see his fans on such a personal level. Win, Win, Win - Mom and Dad got to meet someone they truly admire and got a signed book, I got a signed book, and Cosby got to meet my parents. No complaints from anyone so far.  A good day for all.
But the care package had more. I saw a baseball. And I saw that it was signed by Greg Luzinksi.  He is from my favorite Phillies team when I was growing up. Mom had gotten this on her own. It was a total surprise to me. My parents noticed Greg was scheduled to appear at a store opening.  Mom got up way too early in the morning and got there hours before the store opened to ensure she was of the ones that got at a ball signed.
Mom mentioned she really admired Bull’s World Series ring.  First she mentioned how big and blingy it was and then mentioned how big he was. 
Again, the 1980 World Series was something the whole family watched in the living room.  Collectively we grumbled in frustration and shouted with joy as the games played out and the Phillies eventually won; breaking win the team first ever World Series championship.
Living in Texas limits the chances of me getting autographs from this team.  This is something I’ve learned to live with.  The ball is very welcomed and great surprise.
To Mom and Dad and Care packages from home.


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