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Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Choose to Go

Last October I was walking around Dallas Fan Days and I saw this man walking the floor in a NASA Lunar Space Suit. Well, let me be truthful, I saw the lady with him in the sexy dress FIRST; then I saw the man in the suit.
It was a pretty good suit. He had the helmet on and the sun visor down. In fact, I was impressed enough to take a photo. My photos are usually reserved for the scantily dressed women at these shows, so that should say something.  These conventions always have a lot of cosplay but usually it’s of TV and comic book characters and not of our National Heroes.
After I took the shot the man took his glove off and signaled me to wait. It was obvious that taking the helmet off was impractical.  I watched as he fished something out of his pocket. He handed me a postcard.  My first thought was that he was hawking for a booth or some product. I was prepared to give the card a cursory view and trash the propaganda later.  I turned the card over and I stopped.  I read those simple words: We Choose to Go to the Moon…
My parents had a copy of Kennedy’s speech on a 45.  I had listened to that speech a few times. I always found it powerful and it struck a chord with me.  Dad worked at RCA Astro.  He built things that went into space.  I loved science fiction and avidly watched the launches and splashdowns. The space program was in the air I breathed.
I gave a rueful smile.  I gave a ‘thumbs up’ and received one back. 
I kept the postcard.
I visited the website.  Not a lot there. I expect more to be added to the site as the months roll on.
I watched the YouTube video.
And I didn’t like it.   And as they say, the truth hurts.
So, this is my slight nod of the head to Ed Bandy to say thanks and good luck with his endeavor.
Something I find worthwhile and wanted to share.

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