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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do you need a body guard Samantha Brown?

Sometimes you overthink and you spoil it for yourself.
I’ve enjoyed Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel for a long time. Apparently, I’m not the only one. I think everyone that was at the Dallas Adventure and Travel Expo on Sunday was there for the same reason.  She filled the 300 or so seats and had people standing to listen.
She speaks as well live as she does on her show. She talked about her various TV series and learning to travel while learning to do the show.  She gave some advice that my wife and I both think will be very useful. 
The first was to bring ear plugs and wear them in the airport. It helps cut down on the noise and you can still hear the announcements. It’s a cheap replacement for a Bose headset and you don’t need batteries or a recharger.

The second recommendation was bring some tennis ball size squishy balls. I think tennis balls might just work. She puts them on the floor and lies on them and uses them to work out the stress in her back and feet.
The third tip was to bring peanut butter. She often gets to a hotel after room service was closed and it really helps as a snack. Some days she doesn’t want to be brave and try the local food and this fills her up.  She also mentioned that peanut butter was a very American food and was fun to share.
 After she was done speaking she did a ‘meet and greet’ and signed photos.  I think everyone that listened got in line to see her. She smiled and posed with everyone.  She had a stack of publicity photos and personalized them for everyone.
I thought about asking her what the one place she would NOT want to back to but I must admit I over thought my opening line. 
I have a bunch of friends that travel internationally for work. I‘m always joking that I’d be their bodyguard. Because I’m tall and big and can look imposing and I don’t drink I can always watch their backs.  I really just want a free flight somewhere. No one has ever taken me up on the offer.
So when I get up to the front of the line I pull out my photo. She laughed and showed it to her handler. She explained where the photo came from and what it was for. I mentioned I would love to be her bodyguard. As soon as I said it I realized it was too much of a non-sequitur.  She smiled and asked if I was a body guard. I said no and that just seemed to confuse the issue.
She signed and I left wondering why I even opened my mouth.  Silence is golden and I need to remember that applies to me too.


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