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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jeff King 4 time Iditarod winner

Also at the Dallas Adventure and Travel Expo was Jeff King. If you are like my wife, a huge question mark is hanging over your head. While I can’t claim to be a big fan of the dog sled race or know anything about the sport other than a few talking points, I would rather watch the Iditarod than Dallas Cowboys football any day.
The original plan was to sit through his lecture and get him at the book signing after he was done speaking.  Luckily he was at a booth selling his book and I was able to get his book, Cold Hands, Warm Heart, signed and his photo.
He was a friendly man. Outgoing and open. He was surprised I brought a photo. He originally thought I was at the event because he recognized the photo and the room. I had to disappoint him by saying I found it on Google.  Then I had to repeat that as he didn’t quite get was Google was.  Asking him if he ever Googled himself left a question hanging over his head.
He liked the photo and liked that someone came to see him.
I asked if he ever been to Dallas.  This weekend was in the 80’s and it’s the second week of November and I figured he was melting. He had been to Dallas many years ago for a job but decided to move back to Alaska.
I feel sheepish admitting I didn’t stay for the lecture.  I was coming down with a cold (sorry to all of those I infected) and I was tired and we decided to go home and rest. I was melting at this point and some cold clear Alaskan air would have felt good.

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