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Friday, November 18, 2011

Charisma Carpenter and the magic UofA shirt

I know, I know, it seems every actress I get an autograph from, I have a thing for. It’s not true.  I’ve been lucky lately to run into the few that cause me to sigh heavily when I see them.
Charisma Carpenter is one of those ladies. I watched on her Buffy and I’ll admit I have a love/hate relationship with that show but not her. I thought Charisma would be a better Buffy and I actually told Charisma that when she signed for me. She skillfully denied the comment and I then added that she appeared much more coordinated than Sarah. She laughed and admitted that she was more graceful.
Charisma was the ONE person I had to meet at this show. The others were icing on the cake but I really wanted to say ‘hi’ and have my 15 seconds with her.  I felt it wasn’t going very well.  My Buffy comment might have been a sore spot or she was tired of hearing it or she was afraid I was some blogger that causes trouble or I was just in another of a long line of love sick puppies following her across the country.
I was about to step away, ending the whole encounter, and then she opened up.  She commented on my shirt. Yes, I was wearing one of my U of A shirts, so good of you to remember my trademark.  She told me she had a relative that went there in the 90’s for Engineering. She had another relative going there soon to play on one of their teams. This allowed me to stay a few more seconds and say a thing or two more about the school.
It was only a few sentences. A simple exchange but it turned the whole thing around for me.

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  1. Good to her it ended up being a good encounter, I know how much you were looking foward to seeing her.