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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Olivia Munn – can’t escape the long arms of AH

There are advantages to being tall.
It was the 2007 or 2008 ComicCon I had Olivia Munn on my grocery list. G4TV was coming of age and she was one of the stars.   I liked that she was very pretty and silly and willing to dress up for the cause of getting viewers.
Long before I knew about copying a file to a flash drive and getting Sam’s to print it, I found this photo and printed it at home.  It turned out all right but it’s not great.
I was ready to stand in line to get her autograph at the show.  It was one of the raffle events at SDCC so you never know in advance if you would win.  So I came with a Sharpie and a clipboard and my long arms. I did win a raffle ticket and dutifully stood in line. The kids around me were in awe of the photo and asked how I got it.  Being kids, I figured they already knew the power of the internet.
I was in line for several hours and it looked like it would be a few more hours before my turn came.  I had other graphs to hunt so I left empty handed.  I went off and got some work done and later went to the convention floor where G4TV was broadcasting.  I walked around the set looking for a good spot to stand.  Security was keeping people back and making people leave.
At a commercial break Olivia Munn got some water and waved to the fans.  I now knew where I needed to hang out.  I moved over to that side of the set.  I pulled out my photo and Sharpie and attached them to the clipboard.  I avoided security as best I could and waited for the next break.
At the next break, Olivia did the same as last time.  She moved to the side of the set and waved to the fans.  I used my outside voice and waved my clip board.  I caught her attention.  She waved me over and I crossed the imaginary line security had set up.  One red shirt was about to stop me but he saw Olivia was still waving her arm to get me over.  He let me through.
She took my clipboard and asked my name and I spelled it.  She moved away from the side of the set and disappeared.  Another red shirt was pulling my arm. I did look like I didn't belong there.   I now had no Olivia Munn to come to my rescue.  Luckily he wasn’t the largest red shirt in the crowd and I ignored him.  He pulled again and I started to say ‘in a second’ but a second red shirt started to help.  They were moving me away from the set.
As I was about to turn to face them and politely explain the situation, Olivia popped out and tried to hand me the clipboard.  She couldn’t reach.  I leaned forward and struggled enough to annoy the two red shirts, with one last lunge I was able to use allof my body to reclaim my photo.
Again, with my outside voice, I said thanks. Then I turned to the security guys and told them with my inside voice that I was sorry and I was just trying to get my stuff back.  They ignored my comments and lead me back over the imaginary line where I had become a hero.  I had gotten an autograph and I had successfully defied authority doing it.

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  1. Impressive story man, your determination is something to behold!