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Monday, December 5, 2011

Brent Spiner ComicCon 2009

(Trumpets fanfaring) A long Time ago, in a ComicCon far far away…no wait, wrong franchise.
(Cue Theremin) To seek out geek life and new autographs…To Boldly go where … that’s better.
Star Trek was a staple as I grew up. So Next Generation was anxiously awaited and became a stable in the house that I had with my wife.
SDCC has been an excellent place for me to get autographs from the crew of the Next Generation.  I pick up one or two a year.  Brent Spiner was doing a booth signing. The line was short so I joined it.
The lady in front of me was young and attractive. When she got to front of the line, she and Brent hit it off. I think they both lived on the same street at one time.  They did what people do when they have something in common. They exchanged a short hand of information back and forth that others might not understand so I really don’t know the details even though I was 2 feet from them.
I’ll admit to being envious.  She was getting the attention I was hoping for.  I also admit I WASN’T jealous.  Nope, not a bit.  I know the celebs are there all day and they get bored and if it’s slow they want to pass the time.  Of course, sometimes passing time with the fans is a beating. When I do see that they are clicking I’m not jealous.  Often I get some insight just because I’m close to the conversation.
They talked a while.  The handler took my money and slid my photo over and to Brent to sign. They still talked. Brent signed it and just left the photo on the table and continued to talk. I wasn’t going to interrupt them so I tried to nonchalantly reach for the photo.  It was there.  It was just waiting to be picked up.  These two had a good thing going and I wasn’t going to interrupt them.  The plan was to stealthily take my photo and leave with a mumbled ‘thanks’ so they could still talk.
Brent excused himself from the lady and picked up the photo before I did.  He turned and he faced me. He smiled.  He looked me in the eyes.  He said hello and asked how I was doing.   I smiled and mumbled something back.  He handed me the photo and thanked for coming out to see him. He did that with patience and an expectation of listening to what I wanted to say.
That was so cool.
There were so many negative ways this could have gone.  Yet somehow he managed to avoid all of them and make a great impression on me.
Captain’s Log, out.

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