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Friday, February 24, 2012

Chad Brown, Dennis Philips, Todd Brunson, Scotty Nguyen, Tom McEvoy, and TJ Cloutier at Choctaw

You know how much I love autographs. You might know how much I enjoy poker. This was an event that tied both together.  Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK was hosting a World Series of Poker satellite event and they had a signing opportunity on a Friday.
I dragged my wife up to the casino and quickly found the players seated at a table. I must admit to being intimidated. I like to think I can play poker decently but I know I don’t rate against these guys. I played at the same table against TJ Cloutier for several hours. My successful strategy was simple – run away.  If we were in a hand together I checked or folder when he bet. My ‘live to fight another day’ plan allowed me to outlast about 150 other players. I still didn’t cash but I didn’t crash and burn either.
Everyone was friendly and Scotty Nyguyen was the friendliest. He told me to come around the table and pose for a photo with him. He asked TJ and Todd Brunson to lean in.

Dennis Philips had a clean Cardinals baseball cap. No autographs.  He’s known to get fellow players to hat during a tourney. It’s fun trademark.  Chad Brown and Tom McEvoy rounded out the signatures for the day.

Did I play poker with any of these gentlemen that day? To be succinct: no. I would have been chum in the waters for these guys – just an appetizer and not even a speed bump.  I was very happy getting the autographs and waiting another day to play in a tournament.

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