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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michael Oher B&N Northpark

When Michael Oher’s book first came out in hardback, he was scheduled to sign in Dallas.  The bookstore chain that was hosting him was closing a lot of stores and the signing was cancelled. Luckily when the trade addition of I Beat the Odds hit the market, B&N was able to wrangle him into their local  Dallas store.
I’ll admit to not being a football fan. I’ll admit to not knowing his story expect for the movie. And I’ll admit at times I paid more attention to Sandra Bullock than the story.  I was there solely to get the book signed. My fellow line mates were football fans or people inspired by the story.  
I wasn’t able to get to the book store in advance so I thought my place in line would have been behinds hundreds of others. Surprisingly I was only those 60 people were buying multiple copies and brought family along. So the 60 grew to 150 and the line moved slowly.
Michael got there early. Something I always appreciate and he started to sign immediately, while the store posted ‘no posed photos’ that was obviously just wishful thinking as Michael invited people behind his table to pose for photos.
I can say he genuinely seemed happy that people were there to see him and read his book and take something to heart about his story. He paused to take time to talk to the little ones and shook everyone’s hand.  He smiled and nodded knowingly as people expressed their thoughts.
When I got to the front he shook my hand. He thanked me for showing up. He confirmed I didn’t want it personalized and then signed. He looked up and shook my hand again and thanked me again.
No fuss no muss as I added a nice edition to my colleciton.


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