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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eliza Dushku Sci Fi Expo Irving

Last weekend I got Eliza Dushku’s autograph. She is someone that’s been on the radar for a while. I enjoyed her Buffy and in Dollhouse. My wife loves Bring It On.  For years, I waited/wanted but it seemed she was always at the conventions I wasn’t attending. This time she came to Texas and I was there.
I usually try to come up with something interesting/witty to say when I get someone’s autograph.  I really had nothing for her. My wife sat in on her Q&A session at the convention and told me some of the high lights. Eliza impressed my wife and I’m sure she charmed the whole audience.  My wife told me some of the questions and answers from the Q&A session. One thing that stood out was Eliza describing her visits to conventions in Europe. When people recognized her, Eliza would hear people shout out ‘Boofy!’ instead of Buffy.  And still I had nothing to say to her.
As I stood in line, I watched Eliza interact with her fans; gracious and friendly and open.  She remembered who asked questions and acknowledged them with some extra comment.  She’d say ‘Hello, again’ when she met someone from the photo ops. Eliza seemed to really pay attention to the people she was interacting with. 
As the autograph line progressed, a couple, with a stroller, moved to the table. Eliza asked to see the baby.  Oh course you heard the obligatory ‘ahs’ from the crowd. Eliza asked to hold the little one and then she spent several minutes with the child. Dozens of photos were taken and Eliza kidded about giving the baby back. She really seemed to enjoy holding the baby. And noting came to mind to say or ask.
I was next in line when some chaos developed. The guy in front was getting several items signed. He was not organized. His items had spread across the table. He had extras of things and needed to figure out which items needed signing.  Meanwhile to pass the time Eliza was speaking to him. Thanking him for a question he asked at the Q&A.  She had finished signing his things but he needed some time gather everything up.  As I waited, the muses still haven’t blessed me with my bon mot.
My photo was handed over. She looked up and thanked me for being there.  I was about to say something and the guy starting talking.  He barely moved an inch. He stood his ground and asked another question of Eliza.  She smiled at me.  I smiled back and mouthed a ‘thank you’. I gathered my photo and left.  It happens.
Now I’ll never know if I had something to say or not.


  1. I get so nervous at these things, I never know what to say.

    Anyway, I think she is so hot! Your auto came out great. I heard Rick Fox has been at some of her appearances. Was he at this one?

  2. Ah the lingerer, those people never have any sense of other people's space or time, good to hear you had a good experience with her for the most part.

  3. Dodger – you nervous? You meet tons of people. But then again – there people that are able to break through our veneer of confidence.
    Rick Fox was there and he was very unobtrusive. While he posed for a photo or two, he didn’t sign anything that I’m away of. He knew this was her event and wasn’t going to upstage her.
    Her beauty – I think now that I see how charming she is – she is even MORE attractive.

    Daniel – ‘The Lingerer’ I never had a name for it before. It’s perfect. And, yes, I had a great experience,