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Friday, April 13, 2012

Kevin James- 2nd effort pays off

Kevin James flew into town to do one night of stand up and then flew out of town.
He appeared at the Majestic Theater and surprisingly there was about 30 people waiting for him. I got there early because I had time and I have missed out when some stars arrive uber-early.  When I arrived there were only 6 of us.  As the clock ticked closer, a few more people trickled in. Many were just there to see him as he walked in the stage down.
I’m sure these people thought the autograph hounds were nuts for standing on the concrete and in the very warm sun for hours. I’m sure their noses didn’t appreciate the smell as we got ripe.
It was the time of the show and the car drove up.  Kevin James got out and you can see he’s torn between what he wants to do and what he has to do.   He wants to sign but he needs to perform.  He compromises and signs for about 10 people. 
 I missed out. I wasn’t one of the few that got a signature.  He was in front of me for a good minute but my clipboard was never blessed with his ‘graph. It happens and I was slightly disappointed.  The ones that wanted a glimpse got it and hurried into the show. The hounds compared our results and left.
I wasn’t ready to give up.  I knew he would be exiting from the same door and I still had a chance.  I ate with a couple of fellow seekers and then came back.
After the show there were only 2 of us wanting his signature.  There was also a young couple that just wanted a photo.  Kevin left the building and saw us. He came over and quickly signed and then posed for the young couple. Then just as quickly he was in his car and gone. But not before I got my autograph.


  1. Aw, should've waited. Couldn't figure out where the stage door was (DC Warner Theatre). How long after the show ended did he leave?

  2. sbl03 - He was out the door within 10 minutes of the show ending. Good Luck the next time he's in town.