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Monday, April 16, 2012

Ernest Cline- Fandays Dallas

Okay, this is something that I ‘lost’ and then found when I was cleaning out my backpack.
When I go to shows, I bring my backpack. I call it my purse as I have everything in it: Aspirin, water, cough drops, power bars, pens, 3x5, etc, etc, etc.
Even though I pack it up, it’s fairly light and I can walk all day with it. Then sometimes, something gets lost in all of the clutter and the nook and crannies.  To be truthful, it’s embarrassing and this is what happens…
The movie Fanboys has been on my radar for a long time, a long time. My wife and I saw a preview for it at SDCC during the Star Wars Fan Film Awards. They had some of the 501st hanging out ‘I Brake for Wookies’ bummer stickers as you entered the big ballroom for the event.
The film looked like a lot of fun and several actors were people that I enjoyed watching.  So we watched the preview and waited for the release.  It didn’t come that year. Or the next. Or even the year after that. Then at another Star Ward Fan Film Award ceremony they said it really was coming out this year.  I nodded and thought:  Who’s more Foolish, the Fool or the fool that follows him.
But it did come out that year and while it didn’t stay at the theater for long and it was fun to watch on DVD.
A few years later Dallas Fandays announced that Ernest Cline was going to appear. I had the DVD so it seemed like natural thing to have him since the cover.
It was a ‘no fuss no muss’ transaction. He was at a table. I walked up. I told him I saw the preview at SDCC and he signed the cover. I thanked him and walked away.  I tucked the DVD into my backpack and forgot all about it.
Five months later, I’m unpacking from a trip and emptying out my backpack.  I carry an extra change of clothes in my pack and on this trip I actually had to use them. So I’m going through EVERYTHING. I’m pulling out the old to replace and stocking up on stuff that needs stocking up on.  I reached way deep and find the DVD I had forgotten all about.
I’ve been carrying Ernest Cline and Fanboys all over the country with me for several months.
It’s lucky I have these compartments. I just never thought I’d be smuggling Fanboy DVD’s.


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