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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#SDCC I want to talk about socks

Yes, I’m going to talk socks.

If you are going to cosplay or you need to dress up as you are working the convention, then skip this post.  It’s not for you.

 If you are one of the masses walking and standing all day then bend a little closer so I can talk about socks.

You should already know about getting a good pair of shoes for the show. You will be walking a lot.  And while most of you think your ugly crocs or your cute little ballet slippers are comfortable – you are wrong – you also need to think about some new socks.

The first thing I would do before buying your new shoes is getting some good socks.  Go to REI or Dick’s and find someone that knows what they are doing and ask about walking socks.  Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as walking socks.

 And just like Nancy’s boots, they are made for walking.  The toes and heels are padded more heavily than normal shoes. The top of the foot will usually have some extra padding too. They material will be moisture wicking which help prevent blisters.

And the kicker is – you can buy a dozen or maybe 2 dozen pairs of regular socks for the price of one pair of these walking socks.

At the end of the day are your feet swollen like sausage?  First, go ahead and schedule an appointment with your doctor.  Second follow his advice.  Most likely his advice will be compression socks.  These are heavy duty socks that are very tight fitting and they come in different grades of compression.
The idea of compression socks is to keep the blood from pooling in your feet and that keeps the swelling done.

You can buy them on-line or in a medical supply store.  I would opt for a medical supply store first as you can discuss your needs and they can fit you.  Yes, you should be fitted for these socks.  Also, remember, once you try them on, you can’t return them.  It’s not like a pair of pants or a dress.

And here is a bigger kicker, one pair of these socks might cost as much as 5 pairs of walking socks.

And I want you to buy 5 pairs of socks, whether it’s walking or compression - One for each day of ComicCon.   

The expense is worth it. 

Now buy the socks first. The new walking shoes you will be buying will be bought while you are wearing these socks.  Since the socks are padded differently, they will fit slightly differently and the shoes you buy will fit differently.

It’s an investment in your feet.

The feet you will most like be standing on all day or walking 5 or so miles a day with will give you your return on this investment.



  1. Well, the compression socks are a good idea, but you can get "light" compression socks that don't require fitting. I personally cannot reccoment Smart Wool socks highly enough. I wore them when I walked across Spain and still wear them all the time. And I am a person who does not like wool. They wick, they warm, the cushion, they don't shrink and they don't smell. They are the best socks in the world. AND, if you have sore/cold feet you can wear a short pair over the compression socks for an added layer on your feet.

  2. 4:44 AM? No wonder you are 'grumpy'. :) Thanks for the added info. I'll check them out.