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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rita Mae Brown – The Big Cat Nap

As you know, I’ll often to signings because of the name.    Rita Mae Brown was one of those times.  While I think I read a lot I don’t read mysteries but from the years at the bookstore I know that Rita was a big name.
I kind of knew the line would not be out the door so I got there about 20 minutes early. I found a book to read and waited.
When she arrived I put my book down and listened.  The first few comments of hers I found very odd. Enough so to think she was more than just ‘a character’. Then the next few comments I found less odd but still in that – ‘she’s a character alright’ mold.  The next comments I actually liked.  It was like that all night with her. As I listened to her, her opinions were far and wide reaching.
The thing I found much entertaining was she thinks her cat will be running for President. The US Constitution is very precise about being born in the US and being at least 35 years old.  Her cat Sneaky Pete is over 35 in cat years and most definitely born in the USA.
She next discussed who would be the idea running mate. She said a bold choose would have to be a split party ticket.  Since 65 million America’s house dogs, a dog is a natural choice.
Rita Mae Brown mentioned that Sneaky Pete had his manifesto on the Constitution coming out soon.


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