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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#SDCC – The project – Execution phase

The 5 phases – Initiate Plan, Execute, Monitor and Control, Close Down
This the sweat phase. It’s easy on paper but this is where you are doing stuff.
Execution will be long and change over the course of its duration.
At first a lot of Execution will be working through the items on your task list:
Airlie tickets
Hotel Rooms
Attendance passes to the show
Some of it will be goals you are working toward:
Saving a specific amount of money each week
Putting ‘x’ amount of hours into –
                                Getting in shape
                                Create you cosplay outfits
                                Beefing up the portfolio
Some of it will actually occur at the convention:
                Attending panel
                Collecting swag
But the point is you are now working on the things that get you there.
You should be having meeting with your team.
You would be sending and receiving updates from the team. You should know what everyone is doing and how much effort they have left on each task. And they should know the same about you. 
 How about getting info from the other people that affect your project:
Hotel confirmation
                Airline reservations
                Print shop
                Suppler of the cloths, paints, makeup  - the people you will be paying for services
Everyone should know where the project stands.  Are they any issues that are occurring? Review your issues log with the team.  Have the assumptions changed? Any new action items?  You should be reviewing the Risk document you created.  Are some of the risks no longer valid? Or there new ones?  What plans do you need to put together?
You have already had some time to see improvements. Are you acting on them?  Documenting them?  (Yes, document them. You do plan on attending  again next year right?  Well, that will make things easier next year.)
Are you following the process or the plan? Is there chaos and anarchy? Maybe you need to manage your people a little more.  And managing does not mean bossing/shouting. It means getting status, helping, clearing road blocks, training, and establishing expectations.
You should be seeing some of the outputs form your scope statement being produced.
And seeing some output should be very exciting.


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