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Friday, April 27, 2012

Brad Meltzer - Heroes for my Daughter

While I’ll walk into a lot of signings not knowing much about a person, if I’m a ‘fan’ of someone, I usually know more than just the surface stuff.  Brad Meltzer has a varied background and it seems that many of his fans are unaware of his adventures in other genres.
As I walked into the B&N in Frisco, Brad Meltzer was already signing.  Now you know I’ll come a little late to avoid the Q&A or the discussion but I wasn’t late this time.  I arrived just as the singing was to start. I saw about 20 people sitting and waiting and I watched for a few minutes to figure out what was happening. For some reason he was doing the signing first and then the Q&A.  Selfishly that was quite alright with me.
As I was watching the crowd and figuring out if the people in line had some sort of order, I saw someone pull out 2 figurines for Brad to sign.  I knew about the Justice League and Buffy graphic novels so this didn’t surprise me.  I can’t say the same for the 2 ladies in the front row.  They had a lot of questions to ask the man getting the autographs. 
The first - Why would you bring that?  Then - Why did he sign that? Now the fun starts. As the guy was explaining that Brad wrote for Justice League they got interested.  He did comic books? When it was further explained he wrote for Buffy they got very excited. Buffy?  We love Buffy!  It was like their tax refund was twice as big as they expected.  How long has there been a Buffy comic book?   
Yes, I was smiling and almost laughing. I found it funny. They only knew him for his novels.  They probably didn’t even know he had a TV show.
Now, all the while this loud conversation is going on, Brad was signing and chatting with fans.  He was ignoring the sidebar of his career and being friendly and engaging with the people at the table.  When I get to him, I asked if he was going to be at ComicCon this year.   He said no but he does need to pop in again soon.
With my books in hand I left as I heard: What do you mean by ‘graphic novel’?

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