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Thursday, May 3, 2012

George Hamilton – Dallas Fair Park Music Hall

My smart fellow collectors got George Hamilton when he first came to town for the play La Cage Aux Folle. And they also got his autograph when George Hamilton showed up an hour before the play.
Me – not so much.  For one reason or another I waited until after the second to the last showing.
While I ended waiting longer I also got to see more. After the show many people were escorted inside for a meet and greet.  Since my name wasn’t on a list I got to stand outside and watch several actors from the show entertain friends and each other in dresses.  I must admit they looked very pretty as women.  Truly the only thing that made me think they were men was the falsetto voices and the height of 6’6” with heels.   These guys were done for the night and were ready to party on the town.  They had freshen their makeup and changed for a fun night.
 As the rest of the cast left for bed or other excursions they chatted with tall cross dressers.  Bon mots and teasing jibes were thrown that made me laugh even as I knew I shouldn’t. It seemed to be a crew that enjoys their own company.
After waiting a while more, the driver for George Hamilton came out and mentioned that George was coming very soon and he would be willing to sign and take pictures.
When he came out, his face broadened into huge smile as he saw the fans.  I know he knew we were out there but it was a nice gesture of I don’t take this for granted.  He surveyed the crowed and walked over to the nearest person and introduced himself.  He chatted with everyone and smiled. 
As my turn for a signature came, George Hamilton passed me and started to reach for the photo of the next person. He stopped and with a smile said he didn’t see me.  There he was – teasing me.  I had to smile and I thanked him – not just for the autograph but for making me smile.

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  1. Great story, nice to know people like Hamilton who've been around forever treat his fans well.