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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#SDCC – time to take your vitamins

There are 3 good reasons to start taking your vitamins now.

21 days to make a habit –
It takes 21 days to make a new habit.  This gives you a buffer to start a habit of taking your vitamins.  Since most people will have a few failed attempts in making a new habit, you have plenty of time to restart and establish the new routine before SDCC.

It does a body good –
Very few people actually have a healthy well balanced diet. We are lacking in vitamins and minerals and often never realized it.  We also don’t realize what they are doing to our bodies.
Think of your car. It’s low on oil. You can still drive it. You can still go fast and pass other cars. You can go to the mall and shop.  The low oil becomes dirtier quicker. The engine gets hotter. The pistons have more wear on them.  In the long run – you are hurting your car.
As we are deficient in vitamins, we can still do the things we expect to do but we are not letting the body repair itself effectively.
Starting a vitamin regimen now give the body time to recover and become stronger and healthier.

It’s a marathon not a sprint -
Once SDCC starts, most likely you will forget all about taking vitamins. You will be shorting yourself on sleep and stressing the body with more exercise than normal.
Even though the body eliminates most (not all) excess vitamins and mineral, so you can’t build a reserve, you have allowed the body enough time to recover and become stronger for the endurance test know at ComicCon.
Think of it as changing the oil and getting new tires before a long road trip. You will be running the car hard but you have fresh oil to help cool the engine and minimize the damage.
Since the body is healthier, you should be able to endure the marathon, recover quicker afterwards and avoid the ‘convention crud’ that hit many people.


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