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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

#SDCC and we’re walking

So – have you started walking yet? 
For you newbies – believe me you will do a lot of walking.
For your seasoned veterans – why haven’t you started?

Seriously. You’ll be walking several miles each day on hard concrete; thinly veiled on some substance they call a carpet.
So go outside and start walking; a block or two tonight.   Then start adding to the distance each week.
You’ll want to be able to comfortably walk a few miles before the big show.

Then I want you to climb some stairs.  
No really. Mixed in a few slight (up - not down) each day.  Do it when you go to work or come back from lunch.  The escalators always stop at some point during SDCC. Or the stairs are just faster.  Often if you are queuing up for Ballroom 20, you’ll be outside and possibly down the stairs. So mix in the stairs now and be prepared.

If you think you are already ready, then start walking with a backpack or some light weights. Think that’s overkill? What do you do all day?  You are picking up swag and carrying it around with you.  The swag is paper and while it’s only an ounces, you’ll end up with a few pounds of it by the end of the day.

Or, if you are smart, you are bringing some water and food stuffs with you. so that is some weight you’ll be lugging around.

Or if you are really really really smart (or stubborn and stupid), if you are a cosplayer, start walking around in your shoes now.  First, it will give you the appreciation of how hard it is. Second, it will build your stamina for whatever kind of torture device your shoes really are.


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