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Friday, May 18, 2012

Rob Reiner USA Film Festival

Rob Reiner was to show up 5PM at the Angelika Theater.  Of course my fellow hounds showed up earlier. A dozen or so were already there by the time I arrived at 4PM.  I was promptly told that Rob Reiner wasn’t signing until he was done for the night; which was estimated for 9:30PM.
The theater made an announcement to the group as they started massing in wait for Rob.  Rob Reiner was on a busy schedule and was actually going to be in and out of the theater a couple of times.  He had promised if we left him alone during the evening, he would sign for us before leaving.
So the big question is - do you stay or do you go?  For many the answer was simple – they stayed as there were other people they were looking to get.  A few left and then returned.  I stayed and spent a lot of time talking with fellow hounds.  It made for a long evening.
But the question behind the question is about trust. Do you trust the person to actually do what they say? While the pack seemed content with the promise, I was nervous.  I did leave for a quick meal.  I came back and was told no updates. Did I trust Rob Reiner? I was putting in a 5 hour investment for an autograph and then it was a school night and I had to work the next day.
We watched him come back to the theater at one point in the evening and no one had seen him leave. For me, I don’t blame someone for not wanting to sign. I don’t have a right to an autograph.  We, as a group, often forget that as we get frustrated after a long day of waiting with no payout.  So if Rob left by some back way and we never knew, I wouldn’t blame him.
9:30 PM came and went.  The audience from the theater had left.  10:00 PM passed us. By 10:30PM, we finally caught a glimpse of his entourage in the theater.  The dozen collectors that had started the day had swelled to 30. When Rob Reiner entered the lobby we gathered in front of the doors.
One guy was so anxious he ran into the lobby and asked for an autograph. He didn’t a photo or a pen.  He had some program he wanted signed. When Rob Reiner asked for a pen, the guy ran back outside asking for a pen. 
Rob made his way out side and started signing.  While it was dark and crowded he signed and posed and chatted.  Before signing something, he looked it over to find the right spot to sign. He checked what color pen he was handed to make sure he wasn’t sign with a dark color on a dark photo.  He stopped a few times and asked for another color pen.  This is rare and extremely fan friendly behavior.
We now have our answer to the question behind the question.

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