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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Elliott Gould USA Film Festival

We all anxiously awaited the arrival of Elliott Gould.  He’s a legend. There were a lot of us and we all know the bigger the name the harder it is to get some time.
The standard black Escalade drove up and our heart rates started to climb. Some moved directly to the car, others moved closer to the stairs.  We all waited to see him get out and hoped he’ll take a few minutes to sign before he’s rushed inside the theater.
The people from the theater come over and greeted Elliott Gould and pointed the way.  They took a few steps to lead but Elliott didn’t trail along behind them.  He stretched. He pulled the lollypop out of his mouth and said something to a friend. He looked over the crowd and met the autograph collectors half way.  He signed. He talked to people. He signed some more.
The theater people walked back to where Elliott Gould was standing and tried to lead him again. He signed a baseball. He asked a fellow collector how she was feeling.  He looked calm and unharried. He had his own agenda.
More collectors approached and he signed more.  He looked around and chatted with the fans. He answered their questions and posed for their photos.  He slowly made his way to the top of the stairs. At the top, another collector asked if he ‘had time’. The handler said no.  Elliott Gould stopped and made time.  He then asked if the collector would like a photo too.
A nice experience to go with the nice  signature.


  1. sounds like a mensch to me...

  2. I had to look up mensch - didn't know that one. Yes, he's a was a 'good apple'. Thanks for the comment.