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Monday, May 14, 2012

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012 – bigger than before

Bigger Venue.
Bigger guest List.
I needed a bigger budget.
The Texas Frightmare Weekend (TFW) that we all know and love is still the same TFW that we all know and love except they changed location to a hotel in the airport and invited more celebs.
With the new venue, they had more room for their vendors and celebs.  This translated into more elbow room and less bumping into others and less time being trapped into the crowd jams as someone stopped to look over a vendor’s table.
Also with the new venue came free parking.  At the old location, free parking was very limited. The overflow parking had a cost which discouraged me from going on Sunday for only a couple hours.  This year, the parking was free after your ticket was validated by the hotel.
They line up of guests was quite impressive; something for everyone one. I spent more money than I wanted only because I did not have the inner strength to stop myself.  While I’m not a horror fan, the guest list had plenty of celebs that raised my interest.  My friend was excited about the Italian Horror panel and meeting Sergio Stilavaletti, Ruggero Deaodato, and Lambeto Bava.   Another friend was more intrigued with the older names of Ernest Borgnine and Laurie Piper and Kim Darby.  My wife was happy about Michael Biehn, Anthony Michael Hall, and Verne Troyer.  Personally I was interest most everyone but Clint Howard, Keith David, Meg Foster, and Roddy Piper should out most for me
Walking Dead fans were happy as 5 cast members from the show appeared and the Tombstone crowd was represented with 5 cast members from the movie.
As always, several films were screened, like Huff and Victim.  A plethora of lower low budget movies that concentrated on gore and blood than content were also shown.
As my friends and I left, we all wondered what was in store for next year.  Not because we were left wanting but because our expectations were raised.


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  1. Growth is a good thing albeit it starts hurting the checkbook!