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Friday, May 11, 2012

USA Film Festival – odds and ends

Dallas is lucky enough to have a couple of film festival year. Most recently was the USA Film Festival.  Lots of actors and directors showed up.  A few of them I knew and got their autographs.
Kim Darby was dressed in white and graciously signed.  I remember her as Miri in the Star Trek episode of the same name. I know everyone loves her from true Grit but for me she is forever Miri.
Also there from my childhood was Bert I Gordon. Who doesn’t remember those classic sci fi/horror B movies form the 1950’s? Earth VS the Spider and The Amazing Colossal Man made up many of my Saturday afternoon as a child.  He gladly signed to the few that recognized him.
And sometimes just being a people watcher pays off.  A bunch of us were sitting and waiting and I noticed a lady I swore was on My Name is Earl.  I spent too much time staring and finally looked her up on my phone.   I found a photo and leaned over to one of my associates.  He confirmed it was Dale Dickey and walked up to her and got her autograph.
She was happy to be spotted and very happy we called her by name.  In My Name is Earl she played a lady of ill-repute and is often asked if she was the hooker on the show.  She told us about the time she was on an airplane and the stewardess recognized her and said rather loudly – you’re the prostitute!  And she quickly asked the stewardess to give some context to the statement.  She had us all laughing.


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