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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Texas Frightmare Weekend 2012 quick hits

Well, it’s been a while since TFW but here are some of the highlights for me.
This was a big show and I spent way too much money.  While I got Joanna Pacula, Theresa Russell, Irone Singleton, Michael Rooker, Barry Corbin, Kelly Linz, Madison Linz, Dana Wheeler Nicholson, Keith David, William Forsythe, and Ernest Borgnine; the ones that stand out are the ones that I had some interaction with.
While I didn’t get Tracey Lords autograph, my wife heard her explaining the reason for her somewhat conservation dress the last day of the show. Apparently she was tired of the women in the crowd groping her as they did the photo ops. As Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would say: Bitches be crazy.
I got PJ Soles on the last day. It was early and she was all by herself.  Stripes is a sentimental favorite and apparently it’s for PJ also. She told me she always has to stop down and watch the parade scene from the movie.
I found out that Jennifer Runyon has a son at SMU.  She had been Dallas a few times previously.  When I mentioned there was a Ghostbuster slot machine she was surprised. I told her they even used her scene from the movie in one of the bonus games.  The she wondered how far the casino was.  We bumped into each other a few times and she always said hello like she recognized me.  It was nice to be recognized. 
Patricia Vonne is gorgeous.  You never know it when you see at a show as she often cosplays at Lady Zorro.  The costume hides her face.  She is very quiet and while she will invite you to see her play you wonder if she is too shy to come out and play.  She is surprisingly good.  She was selling posters that her brother signed (Robert Rodriguez) at her table.  She quietly said he was a nice brother to put her in a movie.
As I walked by the table of Gaylen Ross, there was no mistaking her. I flatly said she looked the same.  She laughed and told her handler that my autograph was free. I could see the handler was confused and I just nipped that in the bud by handing over my money.  The innocence and strength of the character was still in Gaylan’s face and that was the reason for my comment.
The line for Roddy Piper was long and extremely slow. And it moved slowly because Roddy was interviewing the fans.  Being on one of my top 100 movies, I really want this autograph.  When I got to the front, he shook my hand and asked where I was from and where I was from before that. When I said Jersey he talked about working in Jersey. It was nice to see him make the connection with the fans.  All weekend his line was long and slow but he was doing all of the talking.
Being a Trek nerd, Clint Howard was a must. He’s been in a lot of good and not so good movies. He had a variety of photo to choose from but I had to go with the one from Star Trek’s Corbomite Maneuver.  I handed over the photo and he told me about trying out for a part with George Lucas.  He said he got to the reading and George talked about how he was a big Trekkie. Then Clint told him it was only a show.  Clint didn’t get the part.  I laughed. Clint smiled and I moved along and I wondered if that was meant as a dig at me.  No worries. I know I’m a geek.
Anthony Michael Hall was holding court. He talked and laughed and engaged with his fans. From what I heard in line and from other fans, it seemed nothing was off limits and he was open with everyone.  He asked if I was married and I said yes. I said Dead Zone was a show we both stopped down and watched together.  Then he added the wife’s name to the signature.
Jennifer Blanc is Michael Biehn’s wife. They sat together and she handled the money and the photos and the requests.  While she was signing also, 95% of the attention was for Michael.   While my wife would say I was flirting, I was just trying to share the joy with other half of the couple. When I got to the table I mentioned I liked her shoes. They were cute. And as I said that, I followed the comment up with: Really, I’m not gay.  She smiled and said thanks. Well, that caused the three women near me to ask about the shoes.  That perked her up.  The hubby smiled and saw my UofA shirt.  He asked if it was for Arizona. I told him yes and I said I heard he went there. He nodded and said he attended from 1974 to 1974. I laughed.
This convention was extra special as I had friends from out of town attend. I also met a few of my fellow collectors. This was show that was more than just collecting ‘graph.


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