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Monday, July 2, 2012

George Lopez – order from the chaos

After working 24 straight days of 10 plus hours a day, this was a nice break.  A friend emailed me asking if I was going to try get George Lopez’s autograph. It was completely off the radar.  I had the wash/rinse cycle of work, watch a little TV, sleep, and work going.  I needed to break the rhythm and this was perfect.
At the stage door of the Majestic there are always a few hunters waiting for the celeb.  The crew that was organizing George Lopez’s appearance was different though.
They were there keeping an eye on us. They were talking and asking us what we brought.  They reminded us to politely ask for an autograph and then to thank him for his time.
They also let us know that George will usually sign for everyone…if he isn’t running late.
They then turned very serious when they stated it was a ‘one person’ policy.
George got there just minutes before the show was to start.  His people were watching us. They were making sure we didn’t double dip. They checked that we weren’t videotaping anything.  And all the while they were politely and low keyed.  It was nice.
George took his time and signed and no one rushed him. He posed for photos and made sure everyone was taken care of.
So the process was quick and painless and stress free since we were all on the same page.  All of that was just an added bonus of seeing friends and doing something other than work.


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  1. Thanks so much for the assist, being our first time we didn't have the slightest idea how or where to go, thanks again, totally worthwhile!