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Friday, July 6, 2012

#SDCC T- Minus 4 days

Now is that happy giddy fun stressful time you take a sneak at the SDCC website site to see if any updates were done.
Now is the excited and can’t sleep because you want SDCC dreams of seeing panels and previews and favorite actors.
Now is the time you deforest the hills as you print and reprint the schedule and end up with paper soaked in the multihues of highlighters.
Now is the time the coworkers ask where you are going and you either get the shock of jealousy or the shock of confirming you are as weird as they thought.
It’s all so close but yet so far. If it wasn’t for the frustration and anxiety it wouldn’t be worth it when you finally check into the hotel and get your badge and walk across the exhibit floor.
We’re all gossiping among ourselves and trading the same info - hoping that someone – somewhere will have a tidbit that is overlooked or we are the first to get a gander.
It’s also the time to finalize plans with friends.  It’s the time to start packing to ensure nothing is left behind. It’s the time to manage expectations and make sure you really understand the size of the endeavor and that secondary and tertiary plans are needed.
With every stumble and every step the juggernaut is approaching. Regardless of the issues faced, afterward it will only be anecdote for a future telling.
It’s a marathon and not a sprint.
ComicCon is coming.
Hope to see you there.
Wish me luck.


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