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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

#SDCC cast signing of Big Bang Theory

Friday morning I struck out at the WB drawing for the cast signing for Big Bang Theory.  The tickets were gone just as I was entering the building. I was in the long line that was outside the doors.  I wandered away and got in a line for something else and failed there too.  Then I saw CBS was still drawing for Big Bang Theory. The line was very very very long.  I had nothing better to do and this WAS for Big Bang Theory.   It IS on my SDCC bucket list.  I had to try again.
I got in line and came up empty.  I then stood in line again and just as I was getting close they announced 20 tickets. When I was 3 people back they announced 5 tickets.  The pressure is on.  As I reach into the bag I felt that they only had 2 tickets left.  As I pulled the ‘golden ticket’ out I knew I was a winner because everything left in the bag was a winning ticket.
I had to come back at a later time my official ticket. Then we queued up in the Sails Pavilion and then we would be lead down to the CBS booth for the signing.
As we were lead to the booth the crowds thickened and you heard security shouting. Then you got in the line for the signing and you heard the people working the both constantly telling to you ‘move along’ ‘don’t stop’.
The goal was 300 people in 45minutes or maybe an hour.  They need to rush. You are NOT encouraged to take pictures or chat or shake hands.
I rushed a couple of photos while the line bogged down for a moment; including this one of Kaley Cuoco topless.  (Ouch!  Ok, my wife is poking me in the ribs and telling me with a lot of intensity (i.e. shouting) that she isn’t topless.  She’s strapless.  I don’t know – to me, if the blouse doesn’t have a top, it’s topless.  Just because my wife has a dirty mind and thinks inappropriate things when I say topless.  Ouch, stop that!).  It’s not the best picture but I was rushed.
So everyone was there but Jim Parsons. He was in NYC doing a play.  Johnny Galecki only just got to San Diego a few hours earlier so we were lucky he was in signing.
I also had orders from my Dad to knock on the counter three times and say ‘Penny’; you know the whole Sheldon thing.  I just couldn’t do that. BUT it’s also dad and it’s hard to say no to dad. So when I got in front of the topless Kaley (ouch another poke in the ribs), I told her my dad wanted me to knock on the table and say ‘Penny’.  She leaned back and smiled and said – Go for it.
Instead, I just said I couldn’t, I know she must get beaten down with that all of the time.  She leaned forward with a bigger smile and said, Thank You!
Then I was prodded, bumped, and led away.  My mini poster in hand, I tried to navigate through the wild mosh pit; looking for a safe haven to unstrap my poster tube and carefully place my autograph inside.


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