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Monday, July 23, 2012

#SDCC new acquaintances

It’s Saturday and 4PM. I’m exhausted. I just refilled my water bottle and I had some downtime until the next signing I want.
The tables and chairs in the Sails Pavilion were filled with others that were exhausted and taking a breather.  I found an empty chair and asked the young lady next to it if it was taken.  She shook her head no and then I shrugged out of my backpack and plopped down in the chair.
After hours of standing and walking this was my first time off my feet. The blisters and fallen arches were relieved to have the weight taken off of them - and so were my knees, hips and back.  I pulled out a granola bar and drank some of my water and looked over my agenda.
I really should have taken a quick tour of the autograph area to see who might have shown up in the last few hours but I was tired.  I just sat.  
And as those things just happen that young lady and I started talking. I’m not sure why we started talking but before you know it I learned that KaeEl was from Kansas and managed a movie theater. She was dressed as Thor.
If you stumble across me, don’t be surprised if I start asking a bunch of questions.  Sometimes I just start talking and I ask questions and more questions and sometimes I don’t even let you finish before I ask a follow up question.  I learned that this was her first ComicCon.  She and her friends drove from Kansas straight through and made their own costumes.  They got Joss Whedon’s autograph at 3AM when he wandered through the line that had gathered for Firefly.
We talked volleyball and zombie preparedness and crashing at a friend of a friend’s house.  We discussed the difference between Twi-hards going to see their more and the Potter fans seeing their movie.  Apparently the theater industry likes the Harry Potter fans as they are polite and more upbeat.
After an hour or so, I mentioned I needed to mosey on and find out about a cast signing. She really wasn’t interested but she politely asked what it was. When I mentioned is was for the cast of Femme Fatale, she got interested.  She quickly said she knew one of the actresses.
Hopefully I enough control of my poker face that my skepticism didn’t show.  She got excited and wanted to go. To be truthful, I was kind of glad. It seemed less sleazy to go with a girl.  Femme Fatale is a series on Cinemax with beautiful girls and nudity and adult content.  I’ll also admit that I have watched an episode or two.  I just didn’t want to be lumped into one of those guys that enjoy the show too much.
We walked and KaeEl excitedly met her friend and they hugged and chatted and she was introduced to the rest of the cast. They hugged again and then the Thor outfit was signed by her friend and more hugs and promised to visit. Then I got introduced to everyone as I was her friend. 
So we left the autograph area and wen our separate ways.  We bumped into each other an hour later.  We chatted some more and never saw each other again.
But that is how ComicCon goes.  Your orbits intersect and for a few hours or a few days you see each other often and then flyby is over and you never see each other again.
But I recognize faces fairly well. So if next year, KaeEl’s orbit passes by mine, I’m sure we’ll talk like old friends and catch up.


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