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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#SDCC lucky find preview night

Sometimes I’m way luckier than I deserve (which the wife will agree with).  This is nothing like being at the right place at the right time.
We were riding the trolley back from getting our passes. I had a 4 day pass but without the Preview Night option.  If you have heard me talk about SDCC, you know I have been lamenting that fact from the day the tickets went on sale.
We almost got off the trolley at a transfer point but at the last minute we realized we could take the same trolley all the way home.  So we sat and watched a bunch of people getting off and on.  One of the people standing moved to an empty seat not far from us. 
She was talking to a bunch of people and she mentioned that the lady that just left gave her a Preview Night ticket.  It’s a free ticket just for Preview night.  One of the people she was with asked if she was going go. She said yes. Then paused and said maybe.  Then she asked if they wanted to buy it. She threw out a price and the other person said no.
So the conversation died.
I mentioned to the wife what I over header.  She saw the look in my eyes and asked if I was going to buy it.  I said yes. But I didn’t move. Kay looked at me and I said, I was going to wait until she was away from the crowd. Which meant the people she was talking with needed to leave or she needed to get off at the same stop as us.
She seemed like a nice girl. She seemed borderline homeless.  So I didn’t want to talk money around the people she was. It was none of their business. And I wanted her to spend the money on herself and then to share. Luckily we both got off at the same stop and the people she was talking with stayed on board.
I turned and asked if she really wanted to sell the ticket. She said she was thinking of going. I smiled and told her that she should go. She would enjoy it. Then she said she needed the money.  I asked how much she wanted.  She hemmed and hawed and gave me a number. It was the same number I overheard on the trolley.
I told her it was worth more than that. She frowned and I doubled the price, which was closer to the street value.  I asked if she was okay with that.  She was.  We did the exchange and started walking our separate ways.
Kay questioned the ticket.  It didn’t look like a ticket and I explained it was a freebie the convention gave to certain people.  Just then our friend popped back and said that the ticket was really a sticker to be worn. Then she was told not to put the sticker on until the last second as some people have lost theirs when someone pulled it off their was the advice she got from the lady that had gifted it to her.
That was a very nice of her. She was worried about us.
A great win-win.


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